Diane Dabideen
Registered Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Ayurveda Life Style Consultant
  1. Do I have to know how to do Yoga?

Nope. No yoga experience is required or necessary.


2. What do I wear?

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing; something similar to what you’d wear to a yoga class, the gym and/or a physio or osteopathic treatment. 


3. Where does the treatment take place?

The treatment will take place on the floor overtop a yoga mat or on a chair.


4. What is marma therapy?

Marma therapy is an energy-point treatment similar to acupressure. Points along the energy channels in the body will be either stimulated or relaxed with hands-on techniques. These marma points correlate with other systems and organs in the body and have a holistic approach to harmonizing wellness. 


5. What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the healthcare system to Yoga. It views each being with a unique mind-body-spirit and seeks to support optimal health. Ayurveda utilizes personal life-style regimens to promote harmony through diet, herbals, exercise, breath, meditation, sound, colour and aromatherapy.


6. How much of the treatment is yoga poses and how much of it is massage?

The yoga poses and massage/marma therapy techniques are integrated into one session.  


7. Why do you take my pulse?

Pulse diagnosis helps the therapist confirm qualities of observation and assists in personalizing the appropriate treatment plan for the client. The pulse is taken prior to the treatment as well as post treatment to allow the therapist to note any changes or differences in findings. 

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