Diane Dabideen
Registered Massage Therapy, Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Life Style Consultant


Ayurveda is the “healthcare system” to yoga. It addresses the physical and mental health of an individual however it also embraces spiritual wellbeing. Within an Ayurvedic consultation the practitioner will utilize observation, questioning, pulse diagnosis as well as treatment therapies to determine a mind-body constitution for each individual and seek to find the root cause of dis-ease. Keeping one’s individual constitution in balance is the key to health and vitality; however, just as the seasons change, so do we. With a holistic and individualized approach to wellness, Ayurveda works to restore optimal health through the use of life style regimens, food and diet, herbals as well as yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditations, mantras and aromatherapy, to name a few!

Ayurveda Life Style Consultations

Initial Consultation: 90mins $165
Follow Up: 45mins $75
My Approach:

I meet with the client one-on-one to understand their primary concerns, symptoms and feelings; from there a treatment plan will be formulated and discussed. I offer available ongoing support to the client, as they begin to navigate and implement practical changes toward their wellbeing.

Robin's Nest Family Care
319 Woolwich Street
Guelph ON

Virual options via Zoom are available.

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